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Navitas Recruitment grew from our decade of experience working in the childcare sector. One of our founding principles is to work in the best interests of both our clients and our candidates.

Initially, we specialized in placing experienced, qualified, and well-profiled childcare workers with businesses committed to providing the best working conditions for their staff. We sourced and placed candidates while other recruitment companies failed to deliver on their promises. Increasingly, clients came to us as they struggled with their recruiters…recruiters who used the same websites, forwarded them simple CVs with scant information, and who maintained little contact with the potential candidate throughout the recruitment process.

Companies turned to us looking for a different option in the recruitment industry. We saw a need for our approach in other sectors and expanded into hotel recruitment. Our vision for Navitas Recruitment was clear from the beginning. We implement best practices at each stage of the recruitment journey. These best practices form the pillars of each recruitment drive.

  • Great communication is at the heart of all successful recruitment drives. Our recruitment process starts with understanding our client’s needs, their company culture and the goals they wish to achieve in their recruitment drive.
  • We establish a clear recruitment plan and budget from the start of every campaign.
  • Our custom recruitment drives include establishing and managing demographic targeting and location-specific tactics. It may also include managing our client’s social media, advertising campaigns, and human resources. Therefore, budget clarity is particularly important for all parties.
  • We only target the highest-quality candidates.
  • We implement a robust pre-selection and recruitment process that includes at least one interview and verification of the candidate’s qualifications and references.
  • We provide in-depth CVs, detailed work experience timelines, and informative profiles to our clients.
  • We ensure that candidates and clients have a mutual understanding of the respective needs and expectations for the role. Each role has a specific set of terms and benefits, which we make certain that all parties are clear on. Clients need to build the correct package to attract the right candidate. Likewise, all candidates must understand the needs and expectations of their potential employer.
  • We maintain robust communication with clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process. This leads to clarity, management of expectations and everyone being “on the same page”.
  • We continue to follow-up with both candidates and clients after a successful placement to ensure that everybody involved has made a successful transition.

Our proven process means that we attract higher-quality candidates. Consequently, we have a higher placement percentage than many of our competitors. As the leading recruitment company in many sectors, we pride ourselves on our excellent brand reputation. Our successful placements have led to a large number of clients and candidates being referred to us. Our strategic and well-executed recruitment drives have been a huge success.

As our business growth continues, we’re expanding into other sectors using our proven Navitas Recruitment pre-selection and recruitment process.

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